Basic urine collection equipment : start at nearly no cost.


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Basic urine collection equipment : start at nearly no cost.

In addition to Friday's presentation with the Solar-Dripper, here is the very simple equipment I used for 4 years to collect and recover 2 tons of urine for my tests in France.

I use simple 1L juice bottles with a 38 mm neck.  Free. The bottles are in a bucket next to the WC seat. To avoid the development of odor I rinse them every day. In fact urine is almost sterile and odorless when produced.

The rinsing water can of course be used for irrigation and it is not lost. There are no cross contaminations risks with this simple method. 
If the bottles  start to smell ( after 2 months) you can clean them with soap or vinegar or simply use a new bottle. 

For women there are several existing collectors and we are currently experimenting with the SYMBIO collector to finalize its shape. The "Symbio Collector" screews on a botlle to create a personal female urinal at very low cost. The bottle is compatible with the Solar-Dripper for dilution and direct use in the garden.

Robert Cossette
Robert Cossette

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