Solution for Public Urination? - Research into "pee beds" in Munich


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Solution for Public Urination

Solution for Public Urination

Public urination is quite a problem in many cities. These areas give out nauseating ammonia-tinged stench. This problem is almost worldwide.

Dr. Natalie Essig, professor at Munich’s University of Applied Science, has developed a solution of pee beds.

The pee bed prototypes would look like long, unplanted strips of flower bed. What they would actually be, however, is a form of open-topped tank filled to the brim with some sort of shielding, odor-reducing matter, possibly bark chips. As men pee into these beds, the urine seeps down into a water-filled, closed-top tank that could take up to 250 liters (66 gallons) or urine before needing to be emptied—the water neutralizing any smell.

More details can be seen at:

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