Minimal maintenance urinals, Chennai, India


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Minimal maintenance urinals, Chennai, India

Respectful Susana members,

I am RaviSenji from Chennai India.

I have designed and installed two types of Zero odour-Zero flush- Zero moving parts- Zero sludge-Minimal maintenance urinals &toilet The first is 64 urinals built for boys numbering approximately 1200 which is operational from June 2015.

By back of the envelope calculations the school has saved close to 20 lakh liters of water in the past one academic year.

Recently i have installed a urinal -toilet combination unit at Rathnagiri temple near Arcot in Vellore district.

This unit built on principles of a dry toilet model combined with ECOSAN is available for general public, which handled close to 223 devotees on 27-28 of July 2016 with remarkable ease.

The toilet is a UDDT type which remains clean dry and odour free for a larger part time.

There is no unpleasant smell, foul odor or infestation by insects near the composting pit

Invite you to visit

Corley Higher Secondary School Tambaram East Chennai 600059 to view,use and asses the 64 urinal units. Arulthiru Balamurugan Thirukkoil- Rathnagiri,Kizhminnal Arcot- Vellore to view use assess this unit.

Minimal odour observations by users is observed when the traffic is large with more than 5+ users lined to use the facility in succession.

welcome members to help me with their critical inputs to improve my product.

Thank you

RaviSenji 09789984730-India

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