Details on waterless urinals for women? - and for female pupils in schools in Africa


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Re: Details on waterless urinals for women?

Dear Chris, Thanks for your feed back. Would it be possible to send me a drawing or design for enabling me to approach a factory to manufacture the waterless urinal. I have talked to them several times and they are requesting for a drawing. Could you please help me, warmest regards, Balan
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Re: Details on waterless urinals for women?

Hi Balan,

It is feasible to make waterless urinals for women very simply with standard plastic funnels that are roughly 25 cm in diameter. This is placed at a roughly 45° angle extending from the floor upward. The woman (or man) squats with feet on both sides of the funnel. If a new structure is being built, a hole can be made in the floor to receive the funnel. If adapting an existing room, ''foot rests'' roughly 12 cm high could be made to allow the hose to exit via the wall and not the floor. I attach a photo of this (which is a UDDT, but the urine part is the same).

The hose could reach to the bottom of a jug or barrel for the storage of the urine until it is transported and used as fertilizer. The hose could also be perforated and buried among fruit trees, etc., to take advantage of the urine immediately and automatically.

Odors are not an issue with this model, but one could have a spray bottle with water in which citrus peels have been fermented in and apply small amounts on the funnel.

A small piece of plastic mesh in the ''throat'' of the funnel keeps garbage out.

No membrane needed.

Best wishes,
Chris Canaday
Conservation Biologist and EcoSan Promoter
Omaere Ethnobotanical Park
Puyo, Pastaza, Ecuador, South America
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Re: Details on waterless urinals for women?

Dear Claudia,

According with Erik, member of Knowledge Point,

Urinals Technology for man and women are essentially the same, what differs is the ergonomic design.

See his complete answer here

Evelyn (on behalf of the SuSanA secretariat)
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Details on waterless urinals for women? - and for female pupils in schools in Africa

Dear SuSanA Community,

we have request from several partners concerning waterless urinals for women. I am interested in knowing details, with special focus on design about them. I would appreciate if you could share your information with me or suggest a suitable person whom I can contact for details.

Also wanted to know what is the material used for making the membrane in waterless urinals and how to dispose the membrance after its use etc.

Best regards,

Dr. K. Balachandra Kurup
Programme Director
International Institute of Waste Management (IIWM)
Claudia Wendland
Water and Sanitation Specialist
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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