Implementing an autonomous public toilets services in Libreville


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Implementing an autonomous public toilets services in Libreville

TDM implements since 1 year an action funded by the European Union to support the Gabonese local actors in Libreville for the establishment of an autonomous department of public toilets.
The implementation of the action is reflected particularly in coordinating project’ development strategy with the City (the creation of a steering committee and a focal point located in the Environment Service). During this first year of the project, TDM identified and selected in collaboration with the focal point of the Mayor of Libreville 10 local non-state actors to implement the project. In parallel, a socio- economic study on the librevillian public toilets was conducted in conjunction with the first surveys on technical studies for two centers of public toilets to be constructed under the project. It is expected in year 2 to train the 10 local actors already recruited on techniques sanitation and management structure. Based on a diagnosis of the local actors operations, the terms of reference of the various training sessions were completed and will be implemented. The training programs are being assembled. Late selection Local actors impact the work on the tools and procedures for consultation and contracts between the City of Libreville and the local non-state actors.
In links with the European Union, TDM will continue to share experiences on this project.
To increase information about this project, we are in the process of drawing up the preliminary technical project for the two centers of public toilets. Design centers public toilets will be built in year 2 is not defined yet. The idea is to set up an independent service and minimizing costs. We are working on this.
The management will be carried out by local non-state actors that we are to train and select (support structures 10 which 2 will be selected). These structures will be accountable to the city under a specific agreement (the terms of which have not yet been defined). The socio -economic context was analyzed and soon you will found the report associated with free access on our website.

Documents are available in the french part of the forum!


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