UDDTs for public events in Mongolia

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UDDTs for public events in Mongolia

This is Local Solutions another update on our ongoing toilet changing campaign.

This time, our team, "Let's Change Our Toilets", tested Biolan Simplett (UDDT) in six local festivals including: Horse racing area of the National Naadam in Ulaanbaatar (serving 1K visitors), Bayankhongor province naadam (serving 4K), Gobi regional naadam (serving 8K), Khuvsgul regional horse racing naadam (serving 8K), Khuvsgul local small naadam(Serving 2K), an event in Zavkhan province (1K visitors) and Xuur Music Festival (serving 30K visitors). Local users are very satisfied with their experience of using comfortable dry toilets.

To make it easy to transport, erect and dismantle, all accessories and additional components to the toilets were locally pre-made from locally available materials. To control the crowd, male urinal places were separately erected under the address "See a horse"-- a folk expression of urinating while standing.

Cleaning and maintenance volunteers were trained before each event, and cleaning experiences were excellent except for very few. I myself cleaned and adjusted the toilets too, and it took very small amount of time to manage the waste. We thank bio degradable bags for making our cleaning experience super easy. The only tricky experience was too much rain during one of our event days and our urine management was challenging. Please look at some of our event toilets photos in the attachment.

Now our team is working on developing checklists, budget sample, and instructions for event toilet managers.

Oyungerel Tsedevdamba
Leading a movement "Let's Change Our Toilets" in Mongolia.
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