System Conversion of Septic Tank Public Toilets for Better Waste Management


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System Conversion of Septic Tank Public Toilets for Better Waste Management


we are working with a city council in Malaysia that has septic tank systems of their flush public toilets (some squat and some pedestal), which are in a public park with several lakes and ponds.

They have overflow of the septic tanks during high rain periods and also seepage from cracks in the tanks, which then flows into the lakes, causing obvious pollution and public health hazards,as well as high nutrient levels and resulting algae blooms.

To resolve, I believe we have the choice of the below (but I am open to more:)
  • simply repairing and band-aiding the septic tanks, which FYI is NOT my preferred option as it doesn't resolve the health issues
  • offering a completely new system of sanitation (replacing the existing toilets with new dry / composting / UDDT or other systems)
  • converting what they already have into a better waste management system, without changing the toilet infra

Has anybody had direct experience of this type of conversion or knows of projects successfully implemented?

Could be bio-digesters, diversions to solar drying beds and thence to composting, black soldier flies etc but environment needs to be borne in mind (in a public park, so whatever solutions are, needs to fit within that environment)

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