About Doctoral Programs that deal with Public Toilets.


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About Doctoral Programs that deal with Public Toilets.

I wanna make my doctoral thesis about Public Toilets. i wanna think about Public Toilets and the your implementation, the role of this in city. i think that the Public Toilet can increase Resilience in city, changing relations in health area, in water management, and, the study in this area can contribute to make a better public policy. i wanna make a study case about Rio de Janeiro, comparing cases like London, Paris, Sidney (that have some net of public toilets). Rio is like other big cities in Brazil with enormous problem in sanitation. I have some guide questions: Public toilets has good return of investiments? What are the technologies in the Brazilian context that could be used? what would be the ideal model of public toilet to be chosen? Other questions are in my mind, but i got choose some study area. i think make the phd in Urban Planning or Environmental Sciences. Can you show me some doctoral programs that I should search to make one thesis like this? In Brazil we have a hidrological crisis at this time, and i think that maybe its better deal with this theme. But the public toilet and your existence it's the theme of my life.

I finished my master's degree in a interdisciplinary course in Environmental Sciences. in the UFRJ (www.macae.ufrj.br/nupem/), with dissertation about structures that promote critical environmental education in context of oil environmental licensing. I had my undergraduate in Biology in UNICAMP (www.ib.unicamp.br/).

If you can't help me in this thinking, can say to me some good tutor that can help?
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