Agri4D Closing the loop – making food systems circular


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Agri4D Closing the loop – making food systems circular

Dear all
I am happy that many of you enjoyed the Urin session during the SuSanA meeting in August . I have received a lot of positive responses from many of you after the event.
I would like to continue the discussion on reuse and therefore I am delighted to invite you to the Agri4D conference September 28-20. The conference is online and free of charge. Do not miss this nice opportunity to listen to the latest research and connect with an interested and engaged  Agriculture and Sanitation Community!
Topic 4 – Closing the loop – making food systems circularToday, we only consume about two thirds of the produced food. The remaining food is wasted on its way to the consumer, mainly in low income countries. By changes in management the generation of waste can be decreased, still waste will always be generated and require management.This topic will look closer into management for decreasing the waste generation and into technologies utilizing the resources in the waste for new products, like insect protein or fertilizers, including the drivers for change in the management from linear to circular systems.A representative from the Scientific Committee:
Prof.  Björn Vinnerås More information on the program for the day attached and  registration you will find here
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