Ideas of sustainable sanitation and sustainable agriculture as a package


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  • I am a retired organic farmer and interested in nutrient cycles. As an volunteer I now travel mainly to poor countries and together with locals I would like to find new ways of sustainable agriculture. This is beyond the regulations of IFOAM.
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closing the nutrient and water cycles

Hi everybody,
I am brand-new on this platform and need a hand to find my place here...

I am a just retired organic farmer and now involved in volunteer work by SES (Germany). Since about 20 years I'm interested in nutrient and water cycles (loops?) but had hardly any friends within the organic scenery in Germany who shared my passion. "Organic is clean superfood for the wealthy ones and we are not allowed to put dirt on it...."

But now I'm free and can press the reset button. Honestly completely convinced we solve our climate and sustainability trouble only by closing the loops. And since all the big cities in the world steal the clean water for their inhabitants we farmers have to get along with the output from the cities to stabilize the environment and care for food security.

I've got some ideas how to handle recycled water, urine or compost made out of human excretions in rotations to minimise hazards for the locals. But got only little knowledge on sanitization.

My first goal here ist to get in contact with people who have experience in the use of the recycled water and nutrients. What worked out well and where are the challenges (links to publications about new technics and attempts would be great).
Or projects which have an output and do not really know where to place it in the fields since nobody is interested in the use.

My second goal: in 9 days I go to Zimbabwe for a short mission. Wastewater reuse is not my main topic down there but due to the climate and weather information I have, will be a point to discuss with my counterparts. Are their well working technologies one can recommend?

So any tipps for me??

Heiner, the old farmer.....
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