Introduction and guidance for your posts on productive sanitation experiences

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Introduction and guidance for your posts on productive sanitation experiences

This section of the SuSanA forum is meant to collect project examples, new developments, innovations, research or individual experiences related to the safe reuse of sanitation products can be shared.

With such a blog-like platform we are hoping to be able to create a complementary platform within the SuSanA forum where these information on reuse experiences can be captured and made available in one place and thereby stimulating further information sharing and networking between practitioners and making existing projects and research activities known to a wider group of people.

We encourage all of you with interesting projects and research activities related to reuse-oriented productive sanitation to kindly share them with us through a brief and informal blog post. To help structuring the blog posts the following list of criteria might be useful:

Helpful criteria/guidance when writing a post

Headline of the blog post
• Headline should include essential information where the project/research is located as well as a project name (if applicable) and/or main aspect the blog entry is focusing on.
• (e.g. “Philippines, Cagayan de Oro, study on the use of urine in local crop production”)

Suggested information to be covered in each blog post
• Organization/Contact Details (address, email, url)
• Location and local conditions
• Type of sanitation products used and main productive use (type of crops etc)
• Scale of the reuse activities (quantity of products, surface of land)
• Outcomes, results, lessons learnt
• Existing challenges

Additional information that might be of interest, depending on the type of project
• Scale of the project (no of beneficiaries, total investment, size of the area)
• Treatment and safety measures
• Operation and maintenance
• Cost and economics
• Sustainability assessment

Robert Gensch

German Toilet Organization
Phone: +49-(0)30-41934345
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Re: Introduction and guidance for your posts on productive sanitation experiences

What a great idea to use the forum as a blog! I believe that this approach is more sustainable and better for our knowledge management.

Juergen Eichholz
watsan eng.
water, sanitation, IT & knowledge management

Toilets in Frankfurt/Main
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