term that sums up both faecal sludge and waste water?


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term that sums up both faecal sludge and waste water?

Dear all,

looking at the two definitions of faecal sludge and waste water, I am wondering if there is a term on the larger scale that sums up both of these expressions. Does anybody know if such a term exists?

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Katharina Klüber
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Re: term that sums up both faecal sludge and waste water?

Dear Katharina Klueber.
Let me try with my understanding to combine all wastes that come in municipal sewer lines or sewerage,
this may be termed as Sewage.
There is another term Septage to mention on waste waters which are septic in nature.
The bible on waste water treatment could bring out clearer understanding of these terms in the book by Metcalfe and Eddy.
Well wishes .
Prof. Ajit Seshadri, Senior Faculty in Marine Engg. Deptt. Vels University, and
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Re: term that sums up both faecal sludge and waste water?

Let me echo Ajit's comment: in the context of a decentralized system I would call it "septage". In the context of a centralized system I would call it "sewage". Then there's always "blackwater".
Kai Mikkel Førlie

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Re: term that sums up both faecal sludge and waste water?

Hi Katharina,

I think that wastewater is the overarching term - faecal sludge could be regarded as a particular type of wastewater - a very thick type!
The definitions on Wikipedia are pretty helpful, I think:
Wastewater (or waste water) is any water that has been affected by human use. Wastewater is "used water from any combination of domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural activities, surface runoff or stormwater, and any sewer inflow or sewer infiltration".[1]

Fecal sludge is a mixture of human excreta, water and solid wastes (e.g. toilet paper or other anal cleansing materials, menstrual hygiene materials) that are disposed of in pits, tanks or vaults of onsite sanitation systems. Fecal sludge that is removed from septic tanks is called septage.

Please explain why you asked?

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