Photos of the world's toilets, according to income levels


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Photos of the world's toilets, according to income levels

The Gapminder Foundation, founded by the late Swedish public health professor and statistics "rock-star" - Hans Rosling, has released results from a new project called Dollar Street. In this project, they collected 30,000 photos from 264 homes in 50 countries and sorted them according to monthly incomes. The entire photo collection can be seen on their website

Among others, one of the aspects covered in the photos is toilets and it is interesting to see the connection between the type and quality of the toilets used by various income categories around the world and the other aspects of the household, as well as to see similarities and differences between different income categories or countries.

This project has also been presented in a TED Talk in the video below

The photos is this project might be useful for anyone looking at making comparisons or studying relationships between WASH and income.

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