Lack of Safe Toilets Leaves Women Vulnerable to Rape and Attacks


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Lack of Safe Toilets Leaves Women Vulnerable to Rape and Attacks

Lack of Safe Toilets Leaves Women Vulnerable to Rape and Attacks

We take toilets for granted. We usually have access to safe facilities when we need it. So, imagine being afraid every time you need to use the toilet, afraid of being attacked or exposed to a disease - - these are the words (with slight modification) from the post:

WaterAid’s regional advocacy manager for southern Africa, Chilufya Chileshe, says:
"For more than 1 billion women and girls around the world, those fears are real. They don't feel safe going to the bathroom. It's about basic dignity and safety for women. There is a huge amount of burden on them and when it comes to open defecation, for instance, so many communities ... don't have decent toilets and [the women] have to use the bush. And there is fear of rape and sometimes death. Girls are most likely to miss classes if they are menstruating and their schools do not have private toilets. Or, they will miss school altogether if they don't feel safe."

Reading this, and seeing the 2 photos in the post of PRI (Public Radio International (PRI) is a global non-profit media company focused on the intersection of journalism and engagement to effect positive change in people’s lives. PRI's Theory of Change: Content + Engagement = Impact), one feels very sad on the plight of women and girls, who have to go to the fields for defecation. It will take ages to take care of sanitary needs of 1 billion women and girls, globally.

It seems like we do not have the solution for this situation – providing sanitation for 1 billion women and girls, the world over.

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