group handwashing linked to mid-day meal at schools


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group handwashing linked to mid-day meal at schools

I want to share with you great news via Murat Sahin how Unicef India used a great window of opportunity to promote handwashing with soap at schools linked to critical time (mid-day meal).

Today, three Ministries in India put together joint press adverts in national newspapers (I.e. Hindustan Times, Times of India, India Express, Business Times, Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagran. (click on page 2 of the english version). The add highlights the excellent The mid-day meal programme which reaches to more than 1.2 million schools and 110 million children on a daily basis. The advert brings in daily group hand washing as part of the mid-day meal programme for the first time. Government self-finances and scales up the group handwashing as part of Mid-Day meal scheme.

Hats off to the Incredible India WASH in Schools Team in finding the right entry point for scaling up WASH in Schools.

And have a look at this fun midday meal and group handwashing video:

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