Is Susana Forum Reliable?


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Re: Is Susana Forum Reliable? (Discussions about possible improvements)

Please Check ur pages @ facebook.
It states unavailable

Any how i am with u all.

Sathis Sayeenath.
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Re: Is Susana Forum Reliable?

Dear Sathis

Welcome to the SuSanA Forum and thank you for notifying this issue to us. Unfortunately we are well aware that Facebook does not allow the sharing of links from the Forum. This is actually the case for all links related to SuSanA, and unfortunatly we do not know what SuSanA is accused of. We have tried to contact Facebook on several occasions and through various channels but so far without success... Facebook remains a very popular and widely used social media for many people around the world, no matter what personal opinion one might have on the topic, so giving up information sharing via Facebook is simply not an option.  Therefore we take this opportunity to remind our community about the official SuSanA channel on Facebook (  )where we post about the activities of the network and the SuSanA partners and inform about the newest development in the sector. Join our  12.000+ followers to receive regular updates. At the moment we opted to share SuSanA links using QR-codes, which is the alternative we found until we manage to solve the issue. We are sorry for the inconvenience and would welcome any suggestions for solving or circumventing the problem. 

The secretariat is constantly working on ensuring that SuSanA (including the Forum) is complying with the very strict European requirements regarding data protection and is supported in this by the GIZ legal department. Here is the link to our latest data security updates in the Forum:  Notice of update to our Privacy Policy - SuSanA Forum

We hope that this post responded to your concern.
Best regards

Alexandra, Daphne and Yuxiao
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Re: Is Susana Forum Reliable

Ha, well said! :-)
It is strange though that Facebook doesn't allow back links to the SuSanA discussion forum. I wonder how this URL got onto their blacklist. I had heard previously from Chaiwe that she had observed the same problem. It's a missed opportunity to advertise the Forum within one's social networks (for those that still do use facebook). Strange.
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Re: Is Susana Forum Reliable

This forum is more real than the spam that Facebook likes to push as news.

Just stop using Facebook... it is mostly fake-news anyways.
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Is Susana Forum Reliable?

Dear  All,
I am new to Susana Forum.
I hold a diploma in Sanitation and with 20 years of experience.
I am greatly interested in this forum.

Out of my interest, I tried to share this forum link in my facebook. But, every time I try to share it on FB, My FB state its a Spam. Is this forum a real or a Spam.

Kindly clarify.
Best Regards and Wishes
Sathis Sayeenath.
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