Can I choose how often I receive the forum digest by e-mail from the SuSanA secretariat?


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Can I choose how often I receive the forum digest by e-mail from the SuSanA secretariat?

Yes, you can. Please read further information below.

Dear all,

Good news: The IT developers of the SuSanA forum have now programmed a new digest function and you can now make your own choice on how often you want to receive the forum digest by e-mail!
To do so, please simply login here:

Then click on "change your details" (see bottom left) and then you get to this screen (using me as an example):

I think that is really good news! I have immediately changed mine to daily (also good for reading offline). Thanks to the SuSanA secretariat (Trevor Surridge) and Steffen Eisser (IT) for making this happen. I would have given the glory to Trevor to announce it himself but he is off sick this week, unfortunately.

Second improvement: you can now click on "reply by e-mail" on any of the posts inside of the forum digest. Maybe some people may find this convenient, because again the e-mail can be written offline.

Note this functionality is not yet quite perfect: it does not work when you try to add attachments, when you forward on another e-mail or if you use hidden images in your signature for example. But please try it out so that we can iron out any further bugs we may find.

Your feedback...?? Oh and if you don't do anything, then you will continue to receive the e-mail digest twice a week as a default (unless you had opted out of it).

Dr. Elisabeth von Muench
Independent consultant located in Ulm, Germany
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