How to control the amount of communication you get from SuSanA


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How to control the amount of communication you get from SuSanA

Dear SuSanA members,

We collected all possible sorts of emails and notification that you can receive from SuSanA and prepared short ‘how to’ tips, so you can better choose what and when you want to hear from us.

• The SuSanA newsletter contains information about the latest news, events, new partners and publications of the SuSanA network. The SuSanA newsletter is sent out about once every two month.

To subscribe:

Working group mailing lists are the discussion mail from each of the 13 working groups you selected when registering as a SuSanA member. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to the working groups mailing list in your login area of SuSanA: right hand bar, user menu, change your details.

• The Forum digest is the email with the recent postings of the SuSanA discussion forum. It goes out by email to all registered SuSanA members daily, twice per week, once per week or monthly (you can choose the frequency in your member settings).

To subscribe for the daily digest: all . (Alternatively or in addition, you can subscribe to specific categories or topics after logging in with your login and password)

To unsubscribe to the forum digest:

In case you once unsubscribed and now want to receive it again, please contact the SuSanA Secretariat:

Forum notifications are email alerts that you receive once a new post is submitted in a topic or category you have subscribed to or in which you had once posted.

To subscribe to specific threads, once you are logged in you will find the subscribe button for every topic.

Also, as a default, every time you make a post, the subscribe box is already ticked so that you automatically receive the replies to your topic. You can untick the box if you do not want to be informed via email.

To unsubscribe to specific topics and manage the notifications you receive, you can access your profile and click on the grey tab 'Subscriptions'. There you can select the topics and unsubscribe.

And of course, there is always the option to recover your user name and password in case you forgot them, respectively: and

We are always willing to hear your comments on issues like this and we have few options for you:

You can give us your suggestion:

Kind regards,

(post edited on 3 May 2019)
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