Envirosan Sanitation Solutions: Video presentation of our Envirodoor - a high density composite polymer door


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Envirosan Sanitation Solutions: Video presentation of our Envirodoor - a high density composite polymer door

Envirosan Sanitation Solutions research and development Team never stop searching for new and innovative ways to overcome the very real sanitation issues faced by vast numbers of people in South Africa.

A door on any toilet facility is an integral part of the structure, providing one with dignity, privacy and therefor a strong safety element. The Envirodoor was specifically designed to overcome the problems that a conventional door cannot.

It is precision plastic moulded from a high density, non-combustible and fully recyclable virgin polymer (non-corrosive!), is not susceptible to theft due to the fact that there are no metal components (even the dual locking door latch is manufactured out of a high impact resistant nylon). If it is left ajar and is battered by the wind it will not buckle and there is no scrap value so no reason to remove it.

The UV stabiliser in the material means it can endure long periods in full sun exposure without fading and the robust and sturdy design prevents it from warping.

The dual operation Nylon latch is extremely durable and from a safety perspective it ensures that nobody can be locked in the toilet unit.

Doors in the sanitation industry are exposed to all sorts of dirt and foreign matter, and thus the smooth surface is easy to clean and helps prevent the spread of disease through a build-up of foreign matter on the door. In respect of children using the door, the lack of sharp edges and lightweight element (only 8.5 kg’s) contributes greatly to their safety.

We believe the Envirodoor is a game changer in that it provides a working solution to the people of Africa that are most severely affected by the sanitation crisis.

Please click on the drop box link to view a short video highlighting our innovative door.

Posted by Amanda Burdett on behalf of Envirosan Sanitation Solutions based in Durban, KZN, South Africa. Leaders in the development and manufacturing of a comprehensive range of plastic precision moulded sanitation systems and solutions.

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