How to change the ordering of your posts

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How to change the ordering of your posts

Dear SuSanA Forum users,

We noticed that for some people the order of the posts in the SuSanA Discussion Forum has been a bit troublesome. As default, when you click on a thread, you will see firstly the first post ever posted in this topic and the order is from the oldest to the newest. When you want to go straight to the most recent post, you need to click on the page number, right corner top. It can be useful for the users that are arriving to an ongoing discussion, so you can check the history of it, how it started and how it evolved. Nevertheless, if you are you are already following one discussion topic, the easiest way to get updated would be to see the most recent post first. If you prefer this option, we prepared a quick tutorial so you can change this setting in your profile:

In your profile page (1), click on edit:

In your editing options, click on Forum Settings (2), then you’ll see ‘Preferred Message Ordering’ (3), click on that field. The following options will appear: Default (first post first), First post first and Last post first.

Choose the option that most suits your needs, SAVE it (4), and voilà!

We hope this tutorial will help you to have a more enjoyable experience at the forum!

Best regards, Cecília.

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