Potential ideas/tasks/next steps for the WG 12 "WASH & Nutrition"


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Potential ideas/tasks/next steps for the WG 12 "WASH & Nutrition"

(Note from moderator: if you still want to join WG 12, register free for SuSanA membership and tick the WG 12 option in the registration form here: www.susana.org/index.php?option=com_regi...ber&Itemid=0&lang=en)

Dear working group members and entire SuSanA community,

First of all thanks to all those who already signed up for this WG12 and for your interest to actively contribute to the working group.

In order to effectively kick-start the work of the WG 12 "WASH & Nutrition" we would like to initiate a little discussion on what this group should/would like to focus on in the coming weeks/months and where WG members are willing and able to put in own resources.

We already started collecting a few ideas and tasks this working group could potentially work on and we would like to share this with you and collect your feedback and further ideas how to proceed.

So here comes our preliminary wish list:
  • Development of a 2-6 page SuSanA fact sheet on the link between WASH and nutrition, highlighting the current evidence and state of research (or research gaps respectively) and raising awareness for this widely neglected link. This is the kind of minimum deliverable each of the SuSanA working groups has developed for their particular topic so far and we also find it useful as a vehicle to start an in-depth discussion to get us all on the same page (
  • Establishing a platform for collecting and sharing existing research and evidence with regard to the nutritional impact of WASH interventions (as part of the SuSanA library or this forum perhaps)
  • Identification of still existing research gaps
  • Potential communication strategy or campaign (one of the ideas from last years World Water Week was the slogan: Growing tall with toilets! Shit stunts!)
  • Strategy how to reach out to and potentially link up with nutrition experts

If you have any further ideas or if you or your organisation are already working on certain products that would fit under this "WASH & Nutrition" headline and where this working group could contribute either as a group of experts/resource persons or as a sounding board please kindly let us know.

As the output of the group heavily depends on the commitment of its individual WG members, we would like to encourage you all to become actively involved and help shaping the way forward.

Very much looking forward to your feedback and best regards

Robert Gensch

Senior Project Coordinator - Capacity Development
German Toilet Organization
Phone: +49-(0)30-41934345
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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