Working Group 12 (Co-)Leads


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Re: Working Group 12 (Co-)Leads

Nutrition has relied on handwashing and clean water for some time - but more recently we are starting to understand the benefit of sanitation and household hygiene for improving nutrition status. The WASH and nutrition sectors are also learning more about how to integrate nutrition and WASH interventions - and whether or not there are benefits to both sectors (such as cost-effectiveness) or to individuals (more/lasting impact).

But what do I know? I am not the expert! I am just one of the co-leads for the WASH-Nutrition Working Group. You all are the experts and I look forward to discussing, learning and sharing with you.

My name is Kelly Alexander and I am the Senior Learning and Influencing Advisor for Water+ at CARE. Previously, I worked as the M&E Advisor for an integrated nutrition program across four countries. Before CARE I spent over 5 years conducting WASH research, in numerous contexts and countries in Africa, Latin America and India.
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Working Group 12 (Co-)Leads

Dear SuSanA Working Group 12 members,

Unfortunately, Stephan Simon (Welthungerhilfe is no longer available as a co-lead. Until a new person is found, I am glad to support Claire Gaillardou (ACF) as interim co-lead to the WASH & Nutrition working group.

A few words about myself: Earlier with GIZ and ACF, I have recently started working at the German Toilet Organization (GTO). The topic has been part of my job and my passion since about a year: assisting in the Bonn WASH Nutrition Forum 2015, Germany, moderating the Thematic Discussion on WASH & Nutrition in April this year, nowadays preparing the Stockholm World Water Week 2016 …

There is a lot of movement at the WASH & Nutrition nexus, especially after last year’s Bonn WASH Nutrition Forum 2015. I am much looking forward to exchange about projects, events, research be it a recent achievement or a vague idea for the future.

Nutritious regards,

P.S.: Please note that a WG 12 Meeting is scheduled during the Stockholm World Water Week. You can already register here:
Updates on that and on the WASH & Nutrition Stockholm events will follow soon.
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