New paper on participatory video project in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia


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New paper on participatory video project in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia

New publication!

Last year we worked with SNV Indonesia on a Participatory Video project with 8 women from female-headed household, in Tasikmalaya.

A new Learning Paper, authored by Elaine Mercer, presents the findings and recommendations emerging from the project:  Exploring female-headed households’ sanitation needs, Tasikmalaya

Recommendations for action:

- Increased community reporting through complaint mechanisms
- Community engagement on health risks of open defecation
- Discussions and action on septic tanks
- Tailored guidance on aquaculture
- Discussions and action on clean water sources
- Discussions and action on low-interest loans
- Discussions and action on rubbish collection

The women collectively created a video to communicate their sanitation, health and livelihood priorities.

The video was screened with local government officials and community members promoting vital dialogue and encouraging action.

You can watch the video below here

As always, we'd be interested to hear any comments or feedback.

Alice Webb
Communications and Impact Officer
The Sanitation Learning Hub at the Institute of Development Studies

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