Webinar Recording - Gender and Sanitation: Why it matters for women and girls


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Webinar Recording - Gender and Sanitation: Why it matters for women and girls

One billion women and girls lack access to adequate sanitation and water services. This webinar explores the relationship between Gender and Sanitation through five lenses—Policy and Governance, Integrity, Water Sanitation Utilities and Operators, Societal Taboos, and Technology. The discussion emphasized the need for gender-sensitive approaches in WASH . Here are some of the key discussion points from each panellist: Policy and governance must recognize sanitation as a distinct right to ensure women's safety, privacy, and dignity. Laws must be revised urgently to prevent discrimination, and women must be involved in leading WASH initiatives to create sustainable and inclusive outcomes. Integrity is essential to combat corruption and ensure transparency, as failures in this area disproportionately harm women through issues like gender-based violence and sextortion. Technological and design considerations in WASH have historically overlooked gender-specific needs, leading to significant inequalities in bathroom access and facility adequacy. Societal taboos complicate the issue by making women's sanitation needs invisible under the guise of protection. Women are not just users of sanitation services; they also serve as sanitation workers in many parts of the world. Their role in running, maintaining, and sustaining critical sanitation lifelines is vital, yet their contributions are frequently unrecognized. Utilities must provide comprehensive staff training programs, which is essential to promote gender inclusivity. Overall, the panellists highlighted the importance of acknowledging women's unique needs and significant roles in maintaining sanitation systems, which is crucial for creating effective and inclusive solutions.  

We invite you to watch the full webinar to gain a comprehensive understanding of the critical challenges women face when accessing sanitation and hygiene and the crucial role they play in this sector! 
Link to Webinar recording:  Gender and Sanitation: Why it matters for women and girls
Water Integrity Network

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