A Webinar on: Climate-resilient slums | 7th April 4 - 5.15 pm IST


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  • Mahila Housing SEWA Trust (MHT) organizes and empowers women in poor communities to improve and upgrade their habitat. Through its grassroots programs in habitat development, climate change resilience, and participatory governance, MHT empowers women to to exercise their rights and uplift living conditions for their families and neighbours.
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Webinar: Climate-resilient slums | 7th April 4 - 5.15 pm IST

Mahila Housing Trust in collaboration with Heriot-WattUniversity and King’s College London, UK led a research study funded by Royal Academy of Engineering is organising a webinar on, Climate-resilient slums: A systems approach for inclusive climate impact assessment on April7, 2021 at 4:00 - 5:15 pm (IST) | 11:30 am - 12:45 pm (GMT)  that will help gain information on how climate-related hazards have impacted the ability of slums to function (tasks) and how can they be resilient in the future (outcomes). The discussion will be of interest for Non-profits, Universities, Donors, Philanthropic Organizations, Research Institutions, Students and Government bodies. 

We invite you to attend this webinar and be a part of this important action-oriented discussion.
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Re: A Webinar on: Climate-resilient slums | 7th April 4 - 5.15 pm IST

Posting relevant text from the link shared in the previous post to also serve as a reminder to this event. 

Residents of slums experience disproportionate climate impacts and are often disconnected from city-level responses. On our current ‘development trajectory’ to address these issues there are three roadblocks to resilience (of slums): (1) slums are excluded in administrative data collection, (2) top-down approaches to assessing climate impacts and planning lack the capability to holistically assess slums, either as standalone districts or as contributors to the wider city, (3) where climate impact information is available, it is often discussed in abstract terms that are irrelevant to daily life. This webinar will discuss an interdisciplinary approach to address these roadblocks, and findings from a pilot study application.

Mahila Housing Trust, in collaboration with Heriot-Watt University and King’s College London, led a research study funded by Royal Academy of Engineering. Questionnaires were administered across five slums of Jaipur city, India, exploring residents’ experience of water scarcity, heat stress, and floods. This data was then used in the Urban Systems Abstraction Hierarchy (USAH) model. The USAH explores the interdependencies of social, technical, and natural activities in cities – e.g. transportation, energy provision, and recreation – and how their functionality is impacted by hazards. This webinar will present questionnaire findings – and an initial application of the USAH – to explore how climate-related hazards have impacted the ability of slums to function and to be resilient in the future. The discussion will be of interest for not-for-profits, universities, donors, philanthropic organizations, research institutions, students and government bodies.

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