Sanitation and Health Webinar - IWA/WHO Webinar on September 5th at 2 pm Amsterdam time

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Sanitation and Health Webinar

Join the IWA/WHO Webinar on Sanitation and Health on September 5th at 2pm Amsterdam time

Adequate sanitation, together with good hygiene and safe water, are fundamental to good health and as well as social and economic development yet, progress on sanitation have been too slow and evidence shows that health impacts from sanitation interventions can be greatly improved 2.6 billion People in the world lack adequate sanitation contributing to about 10% of the global disease burden, mainly diarrhoeal diseases. Considering the impact of the situation, the Sustainable Development Goal target 6.2 also calls for adequate and equitable sanitation for all. The target is tracked with the indicator of “safely managed sanitation services”.

To better understand the linkages between sanitation and health, IWA together with WHO is organizing an introductory webinar to highlight the guidelines on Sanitation and Health which provides guidance for international, national and local sanitation policies and programme actions.

Participating in the Webinar are representatives from the Non-Sewered Sanitation (NSS) and Health-Related Water Microbiology Specialist Group under IWA. It would be moderated by the Director of The NC State Global WaSH Cluster. Case studies showing different perspectives on the use of the guidelines from Water for People and Water and Health Pty Ltd would also be shared.

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