Implementation of Anti-FGM Projects (FGM is female genital mutilation) - survey


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Implementation of Anti-FGM Projects


I hope this finds you all well. Over the years, much has been done to try eradicate FGM/C. However, the gains have not been as much and World bodies note that with this trend, more girls remain at risk of undergoing FGM. Inlight of this, I am currently undertaking a research project for school on the factors affecting the implementation of FGM projects. Kindly take a few minutes to provide your responses and feedback on this issue, by taking a three minute survey on the link provided below. Your responses will be highly appreciated.

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Re: Implementation of Anti-FGM Projects

Dear Peter,
I took your survey and am curious about your survey results. Could you share them here please? Also what kind of school subject was this? High school or tertiary education? Good to know that this serious issue of femal genital mutilation and cutting is being discussed by students in Kenya.

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