Join us for an online World Water Week (WWWeek At Home) on 24-28 August 2020


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Re: Join us for an online World Water Week (WWWeek At Home) on 24-28 August 2020

Don't forget, this week is the online World Water Week that normally takes place in Stockholm in August each year. It takes place from 24-28 Aug. There are no registration fees and no CO2 emissions from flying to Stockholm (very fitting as the theme is "water and climate change"...). I see that as two big benefits for more diverse participation. So I encourage you to register and participate in the online sessions that interest you. Perhaps if enough people participate then the organisers will offer more online sessions also in future.

Join us for WWWeek At Home in August 2020. To help bridge the gap between the 2019 and 2021 World Water Weeks, we invite you to join us for WWWeek At Home between 24 and 28 August 2020. WWWeek At Home will bring together convenor-hosted, virtual adaptations of sessions on water and climate change originally destined for World Water Week 2020.

Link to the schedule:

Three sessions that have caught my attention and which I will try to attend:

Strengthening Resilience in Humanitarian Aid through Systematic Behaviour Change- Monday 24 August 10:00-10:45

Operationalising FSM at Scale: Approaches and Learnings from Tamil Nadu- Tuesday 25 August 09:00-09:45

Transforming water and sanitation marketing: practical insights from TRANSFORM - Friday 28 August 13:00-13:45

Who else is attending what?

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World Water Week 2020 is cancelled due to COVID-19 - Stockholm International Water Institute

This world-leading conference on water is now cancelled due to the global spread of COVID-19 and the measures taken by national and
local authorities to contain the spread of the disease. World Water
Week was due to take place 23-28 August 2020 in Stockholm.

More will be in below link
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