How to plan, found and grow your desperately needed safe water business! (Antenna Foundation)


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  • The SSWM Toolbox is the most extensive collection of knowledge around sustainable sanitation and water management. It compiles thousands of “best of “ instruments geared to optimise sanitation and water management intervention at local level all curated in an all curated in an easy-to-understand yet comprehensive way.
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How to plan, found and grow your desperately needed safe water business!

You are looking for handy and easy-to-use tools to professionalise your safe water business? Search no more and come to the Stockholm World Water Week, where we will launch our new Safe Water Business perspective on 28/8/2018 from 3 to 5pm at the Swiss Water Partnership booth!

Today, billions of people still have to drink biologically and/or chemically contaminated water. The result: Half a million technically preventable deaths every year due to waterborne diseases. Progress in safe water provision is not fast enough and there is an urgent need to find solutions to solve this huge problem. What is our piece to solving the puzzle?

Antenna Foundation and its partners want to help accelerate the necessary provision of safe drinking water for everyone through point-of-use water treatment solutions from a bottom-up approach. To do this, we created a freely available online-perspective that helps entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs-to-be and interested people to plan, create, monitor and grow a social safe water business for rural and urban communities. The perspective contains valuable how-to information to develop business skills, “tips and tricks” to go by and pitfalls to avoid. 40 real-life case studies complement the well-founded theoretical knowledge that is provided in this toolbox.
The perspective will be made available online on, the world’s most visited platform for knowledge & how-to resources on sustainable sanitation and water management.

Join our participatory event to find all the necessary knowledge to make your business grow successfully and sustainably!

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