Much improved Wikipedia page on composting toilets


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Re: Much improved Wikipedia page on composting toilets

Seems good to me, Elisabeth.

My only comment really is about the page 'uses of compost' linked in one of the sections.

It seems to me that faecal compost is a different thing to other kinds of compost, so maybe that page should specify something more directly about working with faeces?

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Much improved Wikipedia page on composting toilets

Dear all,

I have used these quieter days at the end of the year to improve and overhaul the existing page on "composting toilets" on Wikipedia.
The new version is visible here:

I urge anyone with an interest in composting toilets to help me improve it further. The best help you could lend is by making improvements directly in the Wikipedia page itself (you don't even need a login for that).

If not, then the second best is to tell me here on the forum what should be changed, or to provide new pieces of text or examples here. :-)

I invite you also to view the "talk page" where past editors have discussed the content of this page:

You can see that there were quite some controversies about advertising from composting toilet manufacturers. The article is meant to be neutral and objective and not serve to advertise one type of composting toilet over the other.

On the talk page you can also see my comments (towards the bottom of the page) where I still see a need for improvement, e.g. in the "history" section.

When we worked on this page, i.e. myself together with my new assistant Milli (you can see her edits in the revision history), we did the following:
  • Applied the standard section headings as per our new Manual of Style for our new Wikiproject Sanitation (I will write more about this Wikiproject Sanitation in a separate post, but you can already check it out here:
  • Took some text from the GIZ Technology Review on composting toilets that Wolfang Berger had written (and paraphrased it, as one is not allowed to do a simply copy & paste job).
  • Corrected some references that were no longer working.
  • Ensured we have some good links under External Links (this list of external links can be controversial; the rule of thumb is to keep it short and focussed).
I also added some information about Finland, which is quite big on composting toilets but from where we don't hear so much about (in English). I was delighted to read about Finland in the thread on "ecosan in Arctic areas" where Erkki Santala post some information here:

For me this is a nice example of how the forum content can be reused to improve Wikipedia pages.
The part on Finland in the Wikipedia article is here:

Kind regards,

The page on composting toilets is getting quite some hits, so I think it is worth having a good page there. It is to date far more clicked on than the UDDT page, for example.
See here:

Or screenshot below:

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