Mentrual Hygiene Day 2021 - Call for stories of YOUR activities!


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Mentrual Hygiene Day 2021 - Call for stories of YOUR activities!

Dear SuSanA community,

It is less than a month until this years MH Day on May 28, so #ItsTimeForAction! Get ready and prepare your MH Day activities.

You might wonder, how to engage in MH Day activities?!

The answer is: It is easier than you might think!
Two days ago the SuSanA Secretariat invited Ina Jurga, International Coordinator Menstrual Hygiene Day from WASH United to share with us insights from the MH Day Secretariat. She presented the overarching narrative for the MH Day 2021, the materials YOU can use for your MH Day activities, such as the Menstruation Bracelett and the hashtags #MHDay2021 and #ItsTimeForAction and showed us, how easy it is to take part and engage on this years MH Day on May 28.

Also, we invite you to share your (social media) campaigns, resources, images, stories and planned activities for this years MH Day as well as from previous MH Days, because we want to share these stories with the SuSanA Community in the next MH Day special edition SuSanA Newsletter! So...
- What was or will your MH Day activities be about?
- What experiences did you make in the previous years?
- Which lessons would you like to share?
- ...

Post your stories here in the Forum and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to read your MH Day story in the upcoming SuSanA Newsletter.


Best regards,
on behalf of the SuSanA Secretariat
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Re: Mentrual Hygiene Day 2021 - Call for stories of YOUR activities!

If someone is still pondering over how they, personally, can make a contribution to Menstrual Hygiene Day, here is a suggestion:

How about you help with improving three of the relevant Wikipedia articles? The most important three are: Each of those are in need of improvement such as:
  1. Update content and references
  2. Improve readability, making them easier to understand for everybody
  3. Add more images, e.g. from Vulvani's gallery  (those photos are already in Wikimedia Commons, so fast and easy to add).
  4. Ponder over using the term "menstruator" more (see my forum post about that here ).
  5. Streamline the content of the "menstruation" article with the content of the " menstrual cycle " article. The reason I say this is because the menstrual cycle article was recently reviewed and rewritten. It is now officially in perfect shape! But some content there is no longer in sync with content at menstruation. I've written about that here  on the Wikipedia talk page.
Interestingly, the article "menstrual cycle" is scheduled to get a small mention on the front page of Wikipedia on 28 May. I personally don't take any notice of the front page of Wikipedia but others do. A mention on the front page does result in a spike of view rates for mentioned articles. So that'll be nice for the topic of menstrual cycle.

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