Resource Oriented Sanitation


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Re: Resource Oriented Sanitation (by-products)

Dear Pieter,

I am happy to read from you on the forum! We probably saw each other in Durban although we didn't meet unfortunately. I also hope that people will use this discussion forum to continue some of the discussions we have had at the conference. I tried my best to encourage the participants...

Before I write more, could you please briefly introduce yourself? It would be good to know a little bit about you please.

When you say by-products from faecal sludge management, do you mean those products used in agriculture (or also e.g. pellets for burning at cement plants)?

The factsheet of the SuSanA Working Group 5 gives quite a nice overview on productive sanitation (see here: ).

The ones that come to mind for me are:
In agriculture:
  • Urine
  • Dried faeces
  • Composted faeces (with urine added to the compost heap)
  • Struvite
  • Dried faecal sludge (after drying beds)
  • Pasteurised faecal sludge pellets from the LaDePa plant (see elsewhere in this forum)

For energy:
  • pellets for energy production by burning
  • biogas

Researchy things (I can't see this happening in real life):
  • hydrogen production

  • Black soldier fly larvae

I am sure I have forgotten some more?

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Resource Oriented Sanitation

Good day all,

I was a part of the Faecal Sludge Management conference held (this week) in Durban. It was there that I was first introduced to the SuSana forums. Please do excuse me if this topic has already been posted elsewhere on the forum.

There was a lot of discussion about the potential reuse of human excreta at FSM2, which in itself is not a new discussion. But I was amazed at all of the different byproducts people are developing. Some technologies have already been developed and are already in used, while others are blue sky projects still in the R&D stage. My question is, what are ALL of the potential byproducts from faecal sludge (and urine) and how viable are the technologies to bring them to market?

I think such a forum is the perfect place to collate all of the byproducts and discuss their current availability (or ETA), viability, and potential of producing these byproducts in different markets.
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