Survey on Resource-Oriented Sanitation by the IWA Specialist Group on Resource-Oriented Sanitation


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Survey on Resource-Oriented Sanitation by the IWA Specialist Group on Resource-Oriented Sanitation

Please take a moment to complete the following survey, which was set up by the IWA Specialist Group on Resource-Oriented Sanitation:
"With this survey we aim to get an overview of recent and current projects in resource-oriented sanitation, that means any projects, which are connected to the reuse of resources from household wastewater and human excreta.

 The number of projects on resource-oriented sanitation has strongly increased in recent years. In most of them we probably face similar challenges. All together, we have created a pool of useful experiences. The project overview based on this survey shall help us to learn from these experiences and to work together to establish resource-oriented sanitation as a serious  alternative to linear wastewater management.
The survey takes about 15 min and the extended deadline is now 10 December 2020. Please forward the survey to anyone, who might also be interested to contribute. You do not have to be a member of IWA or IWA-ROS to contribute."
*Reclaiming urine as a resource*
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Re: Survey on Resource-Oriented Sanitation by the IWA Specialist Group on Resource-Oriented Sanitation

Hi Julia,

Thanks for sharing that survey link (the survey is now closed). Could you let the person who sent you the e-mail know that you have posted the survey and ask them to please share their results here? Or if not, tell us which e-mail address it came from and I'll do it? Thanks.

When I worked at GIZ we also had a list of excreta reuse projects (it was called ecosan projects then). It was last updated in 2012 and is in the SuSanA library here:
GIZ (2012). Worldwide list of 324 documented ecosan projects by various organisations. Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Eschborn, Germany

If I had time and money I would task some people with investigating those longer running projects and find out how many of them are still ongoing, and for those that stopped why did they stop. It would be interesting to see how many of the projects that they might have collated with their new survey overlap with those older projects that were on the list in 2012.

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