Phosphate recovery by Waterboard Waternet in Amsterdam


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Reaction to SuSaNa post on phosphate recovery by Waterboard Waternet in Amsterdam

Dear Elisabeth,

I read SuSaNa postings with interest, but I post very little myself. You had a complaint about the Dutch, for us not being active in sharing information from the Netherlands on SuSaNa. I don’t know what kind of news from the Netherlands would be interesting to share on SuSaNa. For your information, I send you a link to Waternet, the only Dutch institution that combines a water operatorship with waterboard function, for the region Amsterdam and surroundings. They recently opened a Phosphate factory for the production of struvite from wastewater. I only found the news in Dutch, but they may have an English press release avaible.

My question to you: are you aware of the existence of the Dutch Nutrient Platform, and do you receive updates? In the Netherlands, this platform consists of 32 members, companies from the (agricultural and public) waste sector, knowledge institutes, governmental institutions (see ). The Nutrient Platform is looking for business cases based on nutrient reuse. As Aqua for All, we participate in the international agenda, that is, make knowledge on nutrient recovery and reuse available in developing countries.

In any case, as an attach I send you a ‘Save the Date’ for the agenda, Symposium on January 23 in Berlin ‘Circular Economy in the Cites’- in case you did not receive it yet.

Kind regards,
Mrs. Hester Foppen
Program Officer

Aqua for All
Koningskade 40
2596 AA The Hague
The Netherlands

s: hester.foppen
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