FYI: EUCOM- "CALL" on water innovations "Water-Energy Nexus" on 13.12.2013


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FYI: EUCOM- "CALL" on water innovations "Water-Energy Nexus" on 13.12.2013

Dear Colleagues,

Just FYI, I been in a presentation by an EUCOM official about possible R&D-funds on "Water-Enery Nexus", let me shorten the very lengthy presentation in "EUCOM-language" drastically:

EUCOM's upcoming R&D-funding's on possible innovations for EU water & sanitation, for "Water-Energy Nexus".

On 12.12.2013, THE "CALL" by DG Research, Water Initiative, Chapter 5, Environment..., will be online for "our" kind of sustainable initiatives for
2014: "Demonstration Projects" and for
2015: "Market Replications".

EUCOMs aim is only to support the delivering of practical implementations = demonstrations & replications by public and private utilities of already made R&D-results, not just on having more R&D's by itself. EUCOM have more than enough dust collecting R&D-reports about EU's water & sanitation on their shelves... (his words!). In the past "CALL", EUCOM had too many proposals just to have more discussions between EU-stakeholders, non of this proposals got an EUCOM endorsement.


Good Luck
Detlef SCHWAGER, AquaVerde Ltd. Zanzibar
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