Call for success stories: Overcoming gender-related challenges in the water sector in Pan Africa; deadline 15th July


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Call for success stories: Overcoming gender-related challenges in the water sector in Pan Africa; deadline 15th July

Greetings to all.

To inspire action, amplify the voices of women in water and accelerate change, GWP and the #IWRMActionHub are launching a call for success stories and case studies that demonstrate how gender equality and inclusion have been improved in water management and climate resilience actions in the Pan African region.

Despite policy measures aimed at affirming equal rights and integrating gender perspectives, gender biases continue to perpetuate inequalities. Specifically, planning, decision-making, and institutional processes in Africa reflect deeply ingrained cultural norms and power dynamics that contribute to these disparities.

In light of these challenges, we encourage you to share initiatives and stories that are driving transformative change towards achieving gender equality and inclusivity in the water, climate, and other developmental sectors within the Pan African region.

The call is open for submissions from 12 June 2023 until 15 July 2023.

Topics Submissions should be centred around the following topics within the water and related climate sector:
  • Gender equality in climate resilient water investment
  • Stakeholder engagement in water related climate adaptation and mitigation measures
  • Gender-specific and inclusive monitoring and evaluation in water and climate
  • Development and use of gender analytical tools in water and climate programmes
What could you win?
  • The author of the winning story will be invited to present their case study at the Africa Climate Week taking place in September 2023 in  Nairobi. All expenses related to travel and other logistics will be paid for by GWP.
  • Selected case studies will be featured on the IWRM Action Hub . All case study authors will be invited to participate in the Gender Community of Practice and benefit from networking events and workshops organised and announced on the platform.
Who is eligible to submit case studies?
  • Submissions are open to any initiative aimed at gender equality and inclusion in water management and governance and climate resilience building.
  • We encourage submissions from various sectors and stakeholder groups (governments, NGOs, private sector, community-based organisations, faith-based organisations, local communities, international organisations and individuals) working across the African continent.
  • The stories and case studies with a strong social inclusion dimension, such as those coming from youth and women-led initiatives, are particularly encouraged to participate in the call.
Check out the details and submit your case study .

All the best!
Euphresia Luseka
Water Governance Specialist and RWSN LNOB Co-Thematic Lead
Twitter: @EuphyKL

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