Call for Innovation in 'Smart Public Sanitation Facilities'


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Call for Innovation in 'Smart Public Sanitation Facilities'

Hurry up and apply now! The deadline is approaching soon! 

We have cash prizes: 
1st prize: €5,000 + implementation in one of the FINISH Mondial countries
2nd  prize: €3,000
3rd   prize: €2,000
We are seeking  #innovation  on smart  #public   #toilet   #designs . You can win if you have an innovative idea or a  #solution . Fill up this simple application form:   

The application closes on 30 November 2022.  
See the attached file for more details. 
#WASH   #sanitationforall   #SanitationTechnicalHackathon   #SanTechHackathon   #SanitationContest   #technical

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