Call for proposals: Research support grants on Sanitation Workers


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Call for proposals: Research support grants on Sanitation Workers

The  Initiative for Sanitation Workers  (ISW), a global advocacy partnership between the ILO, WHO, World Bank, SNV and WaterAid, is offering support grants for research on sanitation workers in the following categories:

  1. Masters and PhD students

  2. Institutions
We invite research proposals from applicants based in, or belonging to, low or lower-middle income countries, on themes such as:
  • Occupational health and safety: access to PPE and its use, safety protocols, mechanisation of sanitation work, COVID risks
  • Labour rights, wages, working conditions, access to social security, and institutional arrangements for engaging workers (the modalities of contracts between employers and sanitation workers, and management of these contracts)
  • Sustainable livelihoods, rehabilitation, business models
  • Social challenges and the root causes of marginalisation, discrimination and exclusion (such as caste or ethnic identity), as well as the empowerment and mobilisation of sanitation workers
  • Gender dimensions, disparities and intersectionality
  • Legal frameworks, policies, regulations, standard operating procedures and their enforcement
  • Interventions to support sanitation workers, good practices and learnings
Application deadline: 20 August 2021 for institutions. PhD/Master's students can apply in either of the two application cycles (by 20 August 2021 or 31 January 2022). 

Please refer to the detailed announcements below for more information on the eligibility, application process, evaluation criteria, and the support offered.

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