NatureNet Science Fellowships call for proposals (sewage pollution)


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NatureNet Science Fellowships call for proposals (sewage pollution)

The Nature Conservancy's  NatureNet Science Fellows Program  is seeking proposals for the 2021 cohort. Please find the  project list of post doc opportunities here . Calling special attention to the the climate and wastewater project (#5) which may be of particular interest to this group. Please contact Stephanie Wear at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with interest. 


Treating wastewater and improving access to safe sanitation with the end goal of
reducing ocean pollution and greenhouse gas emissions will likely also lead to
improved access to education for girls, economic benefits, reduced human
disease and increased resilience. However, we need to better define the
magnitude of the impact and potential for a range of benefits to communities
and the environment. Traditional wastewater treatment contributes 3% of the
global GHG emissions and we know that untreated wastewater (approximately 80%
of the world’s sewage) emits even more greenhouse gases. At the same time, with
ocean pollution destroying habitat – especially important carbon sinks like
seagrasses –we are adding insult to injury in terms of increased GHG emissions.
We haven’t yet quantified these numbers or impacts and they are critical to
making the case for more aggressive action on wastewater treatment and management
both in the developed and developing world. Research should include data
gathering and modeling around benefits of increasing and improving upon
wastewater treatment for both climate, oceans, and human well-being. 
Importance to TNC:
This work will be instrumental in making the case for action on addressing ocean
sewage pollution –especially in the policy arena. The outcomes will be useful
in identifying how countries can meet multiple SDGs by taking action on
providing safer sanitation for people and nature.
Partners and Stakeholders:
Ocean Sewage Alliance partners including Coral Reef Alliance, Wildlife
Conservation Society, University of Queensland, UCLA, University of CA-Irvine,
Conservation International, RARE, Imagine H2O, Summit Foundation; stakeholders
include WASH sector and funding organizations
Expertise Needed:
PhD or post doc only. This is a new and exciting area of work in ocean conservation
that combines human well-being, ocean health, and climate change. There is an
endless number of research questions, collaborative possibilities, solutions,
and geographies that face this threat.
Minimum Outputs:
Problem analysis and peer-reviewed manuscript
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