CU Boulder Mortenson Center: Inaugural Global Engineering Awards


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CU Boulder Mortenson Center: Inaugural Global Engineering Awards

This March, the Mortensen Center at the University of Colorado Boulder is hosting the first annual Global Engineering Awards. The Mortenson Center engages in Global Engineering and combines education, research, and partnerships to positively impact vulnerable people and their environment by improving development tools and practice. Our vision is a world where everyone has safe water, sanitation, energy, food, shelter, and infrastructure. The Global Engineering Awards will recognize a professional and a student whose work aligns with the Mortenson Center’s mission and vision.

The nomination process is now open, and nominations will be accepted until February 11th. Additional details on the nomination process and the form to submit a nomination can be found here:

Recipients of the award will be notified by February 18th, and the awards will be given to recipients in person at the launch of the Global Engineering Awards on the evening of March 5th. This event will feature an opening reception, in collaboration with the Colorado WASH Symposium, followed by a keynote speech by Greg Collins, USAID Resilience Coordinator, and the awards ceremony.
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