Links to recent posts on sanitation/WASH research on WASHplus and IRC/WASHplus blogs


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Links to recent posts on sanitation/WASH research on WASHplus and IRC/WASHplus blogs

Below are titles of recent posts to various blogs that feature some of the most recent sanitation and WASH related research. Please contact me if we can feature your new publications on any of the blogs:

Sanitation Updates
- The toilet tripod: Understanding successful sanitation in rural India
- Practical Action – How bicycles are the workhorses of water and sanitation projects
- Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Programs as a Strategy to Advance Maternal Health
- iDE Cambodia hits 100,000 toilet sales in 2 years

Urban Health Updates - /
- India – Safe Drinking Water in Slums From Water Coverage to Water Quality
- Descending the sanitation ladder in urban Uganda: evidence from Kampala Slums
Innovation Exchange -
- The Future Technologies for Water Competition
- Have a Thirst for Knowledge? Introducing the Drinkable Book
WASH Nutrition library - /
- A single genus in the gut microbiome reflects host preference and specificity
- Steve Luby – Reducing environmental enteropathy and child growth faltering
- Malnutrition ‘damages gut bacteria’ – Nature, June 2014
Drinking Water Quality Updates - /
- MS2 Bacteriophage Reduction and Microbial Communities in Biosand Filters
- Ceramic water filters impregnated with silver nanoparticles as a point-of-use water-treatment intervention for HIV-positive individuals
- Safety of packaged water distribution limited by household recontamination in rural Cambodia
- Business model innovation in the water sector in developing countries
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