CLUES now also in Spanish


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CLUES now also in Spanish

The Community-Led Urban Environmental Sanitation (CLUES) planning guidelines have been translated into Spanish under the title “Planificación de Saneamiento Ambiental Urbano Liderado por la Comunidad”, in collaboration with UN-Habitat Latin America. It can be downloaded for free and information about the CLUES Training Workshop can be obtained from .

The CLUES approach presents comprehensive guidelines for the planning and implementation of sanitation infrastructure and services in urban, peri-urban and rural neighbourhoods and communities. It is a multi-sector and multi-stakeholder approach accounting for water supply, sanitation, solid waste management and storm drainage. It emphasises the participation of all stakeholders from an early stage in the planning process and focuses on the enabling environment necessary for sustainable outcomes.

A launching and training workshop took place in Quito from 2 to 4 April 2014, co-organised by the Subsecretary for Water and Sanitation (SENAGUA), the Association of Ecuadorian Municipalities (AME) and UN-Habitat Ecuador. Such workshop provides the participants a wider understanding of integrated and participatory sanitation planning and help them implement sanitation projects in urban, peri-urban or rural neighbourhoods and communities in a structured and sustainable way.

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