Blog: Phased sanitation development 7 years on!


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Blog: Phased sanitation development 7 years on!

Dear colleagues,

In this new blog ' Phased sanitation development 7 years on! ' Andy Robinson and Mike Gnilo reflect on the continued relevance of the phased approach to sanitation development outlining key lessons learnt since 2016 and addressing long-standing challenges.

Some of the values of a phased approach to sustainable sanitation suggested by the authors:
·       Provides smaller achievable steps
·       Prioritised by public health benefits
·       Everyone can find their level
·       Targeted finance
·       Investment in large-scale implementation
·       Encourages cross-sector collaborations
The authors present lesson learnt from Nepal, Zambia, the Philippines and Kenya.

What is your perspective on a phased approach? Please read the blog and share your thoughts below.

Best wishes
Elaine Mercer
Communications and Networking Officer
The Sanitation Learning Hub
The Institute of Development Studies

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