Systematic review on factors influencing household level sanitation in Ethiopia


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Systematic review on factors influencing household level sanitation in Ethiopia

Let me share ou recent review of literature on household level sanitation in Ethiopia and its influencing factors 


This review assessed available research on the drivers of household-level sanitation outcomes in Ethiopia. The findings may help practitioners to understand what the key types of sanitation drivers are in the Ethiopian context and how they are related to distinct sanitation outcomes at the micro-level. They may also inform researchers and policymakers about the nature of available evidence, gaps in it, and priority directions. Despite the reduction of OD in Ethiopia, hygienic sanitation is rather the exception than the rule across the country. We argued that the focus of research mainly emulated the focus of the approach chosen for national sanitation strategy (CLTS) on initial latrine adoption and use. Key areas such as a demand for upgrading sanitation facilities and a variety of issues on the supply side have been almost ignored in both policy and research. We also call for a more critical approach to sanitation research in Ethiopia.

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