Videos to introduce scientific publications in MOOCs


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Videos to introduce scientific publications in MOOCs

Hi everyone, 

My name is Laura Baquedano. I’ve been working at Sandec for more than a year now, and this is my first post in the SuSanA Forum!

At the Digital Learning Team at Sandec, we have been working in a new video format for Sandec’s MOOCs. Its goal is to introduce scientific publications and encourage MOOC learners to read them.

Until now, two videos in this format have been produced. They have been integrated in Sandec’s MOOCs in Coursera and in their respective YouTube channel.
  1. Methodsfor Faecal Sludge Analysis. You can access the video here  ( ).
  2. Advancementsin and Integration of Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. You can watch the video here ( ).
We are looking forward to your comments and feedback, either here or by email ( ).

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