Free Access IWA papers for World Toilet Day 2017 (limited time offer)


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Free Access IWA papers for World Toilet Day 2017 (limited time offer)

In case you missed this, IWA is granting (limited time) free access to a selection of recent papers to celebrate this year's World Toilet Day.

"To contribute to this important conversation, IWA Publishing have compiled a collection of recent relevant papers that will all be free to access from 13th November - 1st December 2017."

The accessible papers are:
  • History of sanitation and hygiene technologies in the Hellenic world
  • Limited services? The role of shared sanitation in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Bidet toilet seats with warm-water tanks: residual chlorine, microbial community, and structural analyses
  • The development of an onsite sanitation system based on vermifiltration: the ‘Tiger Toilet’
  • Types and distribution of improved sanitation technologies in sub-Saharan Africa
  • In-toilet disinfection of fresh fecal sludge with ammonia naturally present in excreta
  • Inactivation kinetics of indicator microorganisms during urea treatment for sanitizing finished compost from composting toilet
  • Blue Diversion: a new approach to sanitation in informal settlements
  • Effective faecal sludge management measures for on-site sanitation systems
  • Dry sanitation concepts with inspiration from nature

Hope that might be of use since some of those topics are already heavily discussed here on the forum (though I did not manage to access the last paper on the list actually; might be a glitch).

Jan Knappe

Doctoral Researcher on environmental performance assessment and modeling of on-site wastewater treatment systems
Trinity College Dublin & University of Limerick
Email: jan.knappe(at), Twitter: @JanKnappe

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