Introducing YWAFT (Youth With a Focus Teso) from Uganda as a new partner organisation of SuSanA


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  • YWAFT is grassroots, youth-led, nonpartisan, nonprofit, Community-Based Organization (CBO) established in Soroti, Eastern Uganda. It was created on the 12th May 2014 by volunteers to transform communities by inspiring women and youth in Teso sub-region to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity
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Re: Introducing YWAFT (Youth With a Focus Teso) from Uganda as a new partner organisation of SuSanA

We are very much humbled to be part of this proactive and growing community of social changers-makers who have offered to tackle the world's most complex problems.
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  • SuSanA secretariat currently allocates 2 full time person equivalents of time from members of GIZ Sustainable Sanitation Team: Arne Panesar, Alexandra Dubois, Maren Heuvels, Teresa Häberlein, Daphne Manolakos and one intern.
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Introducing YWAFT (Youth With a Focus Teso) from Uganda as a new partner organisation of SuSanA

We welcome YWAFT(YouthWith a Focus Teso) from Uganda as a new SuSanApartner organisation!

The following text is taken from their applicationform and was written by the partner organisation themselves.
Description and Activities in SustainableSanitation:
Youth With a Focus Teso is anindigenous charitable Community-Based Organization (CBO) that works to contribute to the process of restoring hope and economically empower the youth in Teso Sub-region. The projects run by YWAFT, endeavor to restore human dignity and other personal freedoms to children with a disability in teso region. our thematic areas of focus are but not limited to; Environmental conservation, Gender equality, Entrepreneurship and menstrual hygiene management primarily targeting the youth with disability both educated and uneducated aged 13 to 35 on equal gender terms to promote youth s and girl s sexual and reproductive health through education, advocacy and capacity building especially on matters related to menstrual hygiene, teenage pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and HIV/AIDS. 

Contact person:
 Mary Apolot

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