Introducing Earth Forever: a current partner organisation of SuSanA


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Introducing Earth Forever: a current partner organisation of SuSanA

This is an introduction to one of our current partners.

The following text is taken directly from their application form and was written by the partner organisation themselves.

Earth Forever is a non-profit non-political non-religious non-governmental organisation, registered in Bulgaria to work for sustainable development of communities. The organisation is specialized in sanitation and hygiene promotion, awareness raising, introduction of sustainable sanitation technologies through implementation of pilot projects in rural areas, schools, etc.

Activities in Sustainable Sanitation:
We are doing EcoSan sanitation systems, filters and constructed wetlands for gray/black water treatment. We implement pilot projects and construct such systems for schools, community centers, households.

Expectations in the Partnership:
To exchange knowledge; to develop joint projects; to participate in relevant events; to jointly support each other in lobbying, etc.

Contribution to SuSanA:
We have expertise which we are ready to share openly. We are well established and connected in Bulgaria - local governments, institutions, communities, community groups, schools, etc. We can offer translation of SuSanA documents in Bulgarian language.

Partner since: June 2012

Earth Forever website:
Programme Officer at GIZ - Sustainable Sanitation Programme
and the SuSanA Secretariat
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