Help us improve the WinS Network website in 5 minutes


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Re: Help us improve the WinS Network website in 5 minutes

It's a nice looking website, but I wonder if the resources spend on this website would not be be better spend on supporting sector networks like RWSN or SuSanA etc? People are more likely to hear about events and look for resources on such well know & long running platforms.

The WinS website seems a bit like reinventing the wheel and once project funding runs out it will be just another of so many abandoned special interest project websites.
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Help us improve the WinS Network website in 5 minutes

Have 5 minutes to spare?

Share your thoughts and feedback on the WinS Network website by filling out this short survey !

The  WinS Network website  is a knowledge hub offering a wide range of information such as global guidance documents and resources from trusted sources, publications in peer reviewed journals, as well as information on upcoming and past events on WASH in schools.

Your response will help us assess user experience and gain insights to improve the site's coverage of information and design.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Best regards,
On behalf of the WinS Network Secretariat

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