Invitation to join the whatsapp group: Nigeria Water Warriors (NWW)


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Invitation to join the whatsapp group: Nigeria Water Warriors (NWW)

In the spirit of SDG 17, we at SOME FOUNDATION recently launched a whatsapp platform known as Nigeria Water Warriors (NWW) as a forum for discussion on water issues in Nigeria, building partnerships and strengthening organizations for a greater impact. Our focus are:

1. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) issues.
2. Collaborations/Partnerships.
3. Training/Workshops.
4. Repositioning organizations for funding.

The forum is open to all (individuals and groups) who are interested in water issues across the globe. We hope that members of SuSanA as well as other professionals will join us as we share ideas and experiences that will help Nigeria to achieve its SDG objectives come 2030.

We at SOME FOUNDATION look forward to an awesome collaboration. We will also be inviting members of SuSanA to make presentations for our audiences as the case may be and hope you will 0blige us!
Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

Warmest Regards,
Nicodemus Duru
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